Malta 2025


critters-panWomen’s Pilgrimage to Malta
with Jennifer Berezan

September 16-26
Autumn Equinox 2025

The peaceful, artistic and matrifocal people of ancient Malta left us their temples and symbolic language. And still today these sacred places transmit unique qualities of healing, regeneration and the wisdom of the natural world.

Journeying to Malta with other women provides an opportunity to encounter these mysteries and reconnect with our matrifocal roots. We will circle together as women have for millennia to experience joyful community and strengthen our visions for personal transformation and planetary harmony and healing.

The Maltese temple builders had an advanced astronomical understanding. The temple of Mnajdra is aligned so that on the morning of Autumn Equinox when the sun rises, the sun’s rays enter the temple through a passageway and light the back altar. We will have the extraordinary opportunity to witness and participate in this ancient ritual of renewal.

The trip will include visits to archaeological sites and museums, song circles and workshops, lectures, special presentations by Maltese scholars and artists, dancing, swimming in the Mediterranean sea, singing in the Hypogeum, and a moonlight ritual at the ancient Ġgantija (female giant) temples. The pilgrimage will culminate in a private Autumn Equinox celebration at the beautiful seaside temple of Mnajdra.

Please note: In the changing local political environment, special permissions to enter the temples are always tentative and can change. 

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