Once you have signed up for the tour, you will receive information that will hopefully answer any questions you may have about the trip. In the meantime, here are some details that you might find helpful. 

Where is Malta and why go there?

The Maltese archipelago, composed of the larger islands of Malta and Gozo and three tiny islets of Camino, Cominotto, and Filfla, lies some 50 miles south of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea.

Because of Malta’s strategic location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea many peoples and their cultures have had an impact on the islands and Malta has played a key role in many historical events. During the Neolithic period on Malta (circa 3600 to 2500 BC) the islands were populated by a peaceful, artistic and matrifocal people who built amazing megalithic temples from the local limestone in a style that is unique to these islands. The remains of these temples are the oldest free-standing structures known to us and pre-date Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt by some 1000 years.

Flying to Malta

To fly to Malta (from North America) you must connect through a major European city such as London, Frankfurt or Rome. Often you purchase one ticket to the European hub and then another on to Malta. Airlines and price will vary depending on your routing. All flights arrive at Malta’s only international airport in Luqa.


A passport is needed to travel to Malta, but no visas or specific vaccinations are required. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months past September 2025.


The Euro is the official currency in Malta.

Trip Dates

The trip will begin in Malta on September 16th and we will be having our first circle together at 8:00 pm on that day. Please arrange your travel so that you will arrive in Malta before then. You may find it helpful to give yourself an extra day or two to rest from your travel and adjust to the time change a bit. Our final session together will be on the evening of September 25th so you can arrange to depart as early as the morning of the 26th.

What’s Included in the Trip Fees

The trip fee includes:

  • Five star accommodations (double occupancy – single room supplement is an additional $1195
  • Transportation to all of the sights, as well as transportation from the airport to the hotel and back again.
  • All entrance fees
  • Lectures & workshops
  • Daily breakfast plus 7 additional meals including the final banquet.

Our Journey

During our journey together we will spend a day in the medieval city of Valletta (the capital), including a visit to the National Museum of Archaeology to view many amazing artifacts including the famous Sleeping Lady. We will be staying in the St. Julian’s area where there are restaurants and nightlife to enjoy. Our hotel is located across the street from the beach (where you can swim) and features restaurants, a spa, and swimming pools. There are many cafes and restaurants nearby and a promenade along the sea for strolls or runs.

We will venture out daily in buses to enjoy temples, museums, and other sites, as well as leaving time for group and individual touring, shopping, relaxation and sightseeing. We will be traveling by ferry to the island of Gozo where we will spend three days in the peace and beauty of that lovely island. When possible we will perform group and individual rituals in the ancient temples, invoking the ancient energies for our wisdom and healing today.

During the week of Equinox we will go to the seaside temple of Mnajdra to have the extraordinary experience of witnessing a solar alignment. When the sun rises during that time of year the rays shine directly into the opening of the temple and light up the back altar. It is a profoundly ancient and moving experience and we will process to the temples in the early morning dark as people did 6000 years ago.

Malta is a small island with very little open space. Many of the temples are located in urban like settings. The walking on the tour is not very strenuous overall. There are a few occasions where we climb a number of stairs, and walk for about 3/4 mile through town and out to the temple on Equinox morning. There are areas along the sea where you can walk and run for exercise. There are also gyms in the hotels.

On many days we will join in practices of chanting, singing, and movement in the hotel. There will be time for personal sharing and at night we will have various presentations including slide shows and lectures from Joan and some wonderful local friends. Though the trip includes a pretty full schedule we will include free time for creating your own adventures or just relaxing.

Malta Weather

September Averages

  • Hours of bright sunshine: 7
  • Rainfall: 1.18 inches
  • Daytime Temperature: 75 °F
  • Sea Temperature: 77 °F

Malta’s weather and climate are strongly influenced by the sea and have a very characteristic Mediterranean flavor, similar to that found in southern Italy or southern Greece. September is one of the last months of summer in Malta and temperatures drop slightly after the peaks of July and August. However, the sub-tropical climate means that the island still enjoys hot and sunny weather throughout the year. Though September is slightly cooler than the peak summer months of July and August, a holiday on the island at this time of the year will ensure beach weather.

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